Insomnia (Can’t Sleep)

You are feeling disgusted with your sleep routine.  You fall asleep hardly. You usually don’t feel that your body and mind has not taken sufficient rest. You may probably be suffering from Insomnia. Hypnosis will help you.


Stop Smoking

You are left with no hope to get rid of addictions with bad impacts on your body such as smoking. You wish to drop this habit but you can’t, feel helpless. Hypnosis gives you the most effective way to overcome any addiction.


Weight Loss

Need something that lefts you with no side effect, and helps you in losing your weight genuinely. Over weight is giving you really bad health and diseases. With Hypnosis you can let yourself the way you want to look like.


Overcoming Depression

You can have any big reason for undergoing depression. But for us you are simply bounding yourself in the darkness accepted by your own. Hypnosis gives the power from within you to transform your life full of happiness.


Past Life Regression

Hypnosis helps you to recover yourself from the memories of past lives or incarnation that have a huge impact on your day to day the present life. It’s really possible to heal your mind, body and soul towards the betterment of your present.


Fears or Phobias

You are controlled by your excessive fear or anxiety. Your phobias  sometimes bound you to leave some specific places, eatables or situations. Hypnosis doesn’t let you suffer more with those fears or phobias.


Master The World with Good Health

Discover the healthy you. A good health is as much important as breathing. A healthy you can feel the real beauties of this nature, new ways to happy living, a real confidence and the dignity and pride that you deserve. Taking care of your body and mental health is of great significance and should be your first priority towards a better and healthy tomorrow.

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Join Yoga Retreat with Risa

Risa organizes regular yoga sessions which resembles your inner beauty and helps yourself to purify your mind, body and soul with the pure gift of nature called Yoga. Being a strong and natural practice yoga leads a soul to find the pleasant silence. Yoga leaves you with a strong and flexible body, peaceful mind, and glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind. And finally a good health with a combination of Yoga and Hypnotic sessions wherever required, Risa makes it possible to serve you with all her expertise and confidence. Yoga is not limited to only Asanas giving you physical benefits i.e., Yoga Poses it also unites of breathing, mental and physical levels of a soul resulting into a perfect, complete and balanced lifestyle.

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